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Our Promise To You, our Customer.


Mitered Solutions, Inc. is a custom finish carpentry shoppe that produces superior
and guaranteed quality woodworking. We provide a wide range of basic and specialty
services to meet your needs, from the simple to the extravagant:

Because we are a professional company specializing in custom woodwork, our
years of training and experience make our creations and services of a much higher
quality than most of our competitors. As we do operate out of a larger facility and
not a home garage, for example, our overhead is much different. And because we
want your creation to not only be both attractive and functional, but also to last for
years to come, we choose much finer wood species and higher quality paints and
sealers. It is always our desire to be accommodating, and we will do our best to
work creatively within your budget. But when you choose Mitered Solutions as
your solution to custom woodworking and finish carpentry you get superior
quality, reliability, a knowledgeable and friendly staff, and the beautiful and
lasting creations that come from our 25+ years of experience.

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